Supporting the Gray Wolf Program

WINTEC is supporting the Gray Wolf low-cost cruise missile program currently under development by Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Munitions Directorate (RW) – helping to pave the way for demonstrating alternative mission capabilities for the Air Force.

Gray Wolf is doing a series of spiral development and flight demonstrations at Eglin AFB, FL. Two prime contractors are executing their respective development and demonstration programs – Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman – each receiving in excess of $100M for their initial demonstration efforts.

Gray Wolf is adopting the AFRL-sponsored Weapon Open Systems Architecture (WOSA) for its internal subsystem designs and munitions data bus.  WINTEC continues development of the WOSA open system architecture through evolution of the logical WOSA Interface Control Document (ICD), and ICWG quarterly meetings involving many participants from the precision-guided munitions community. WINTEC is also participating in the Initial Design Reviews at the respective prime contractor facilities.

WINTEC is also providing Platform-to-Store Emulator (PSE) units for the program that emulate any aircraft platform’s communications with weapon stores to support software design and integration. The PSE emulates the MIL-STD-1760 physical/electrical/logical interfaces and support the Universal Armament Interface (UAI) standard. The PSE enables a pre-programmed initialization and pre-release conditioning spanning the pilot’s selection of a specific store to the actual release sequence leading to safe separation from the aircraft.

AFRL expects to begin Gray Wolf’s initial flight testing later in 2019. The Gray Wolf demonstration program is focused on enabling alternative effects on enemy targets and may include distributed, collateral, cooperative (DC2) teaming among various weapon systems while in flight.