Collins Aerospace – Hamilton Sundstrand Software Support

WINTEC has worked with United Technologies Aerospace, Hamilton Sundstrand, (UTC-HS) in three different product areas for over 25 years. These are Stores Management Systems (SMS) primarily for the F-15 and other military platforms, the Air Management Systems (AMS) for the Airbus A-380 and the Boeing 787, and the Electrical Control/Distribution systems for the Boeing 787.

WINTEC’s involvement with UTC-HS SMS programs included being fully integrated with the design and implementation of the F-15 Programmable Armament Control System upgrade. Our involvement included writing the SRS for Built-in-Test (BIT) participating in all customer design reviews, design of the software, and implementation.

Besides working on the F-15 BIT, WINTEC was also involved in the addition of new stores to the aircraft and troubleshooting problems arising during integration. WINTEC work with UTC-HS on multiple variations of the F-15 SMS including the Suite 4 upgrade and both the Saudi Arabia and South Korean F-15 variants.

WINTEC designed and implemented software for the Comanche helicopter’s Rotary Air Data System (RADS). The RADS provided airspeed information to the aircraft based on pressure differential during rotor-blade rotation. This allowed both forward and lateral airspeed to be determined.

WINTEC also has performed build-to-print fabrication and assembly for UTC-HS for multiple test sets and cable assemblies. This work included test sets for the F-15 program to help modernize the testing capabilities and test equipment for deicing systems.

WINTEC has been involved with several UTC-HS Aircraft Management System programs, providing systems, software development, and software test capabilities. These programs included Boeing 787, Airbus A-380 and the Boeing KC-767 Tanker aircraft. While supporting these programs WINTEC worked within the Hamilton Sundstrand software development team process which was rated CMMI SEI Level 3. The commercial programs such as the A-380 and Boeing 787 were developed using DO-178B processes and procedures, with some of the development being done at Level A, which WINTEC was required to follow.

WINTEC provided software support for the Rockford, Illinois, electrical systems organization of Hamilton Sundstrand for the development of several subsystems within the Boeing 787. These include the Onboard Health Maintenance System (OMS/OHMS) and the Data Load capability for the BPCU, CMSC, GCU, RPDU and SPDU.