Since 1983, WINTEC has built a solid reputation for delivering innovative engineering solutions for our customers’ toughest problems. Our expertise in systems and software engineering provide these solutions for many military applications—including manned/unmanned aircraft and weapons/sensors integration and ground robotics systems.Our customers include the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, USSOCOM, and many prime Defense Contractors and commercial-aviation avionics and armament control systems.WINTEC maintains our core competencies through our strong team of subject matter experts (SMEs) in aircraft systems and avionics, stores management systems, platform-launcher- stores integration, special test equipment, emulators/simulators/translators, weapon systems technology, unmanned air and ground systems, and specialized systems engineering and test and evaluation.

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Wintec List of Services


With many talents and years of experience within WINTEC, we are able to provide a wide range of services to meet your company’s needs. Services range from Systems Engineering to Software and Hardware Design, Test, Evaluation, and Demonstration.

Systems Engineering and Integration

Concept Definition and Refinement
System Requirements Analysis and Trade Studies
System Architecture Definition
Requirements Capture and Traceability
System/Subsystem Functional Definition
Project Planning and Execution
Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation
Test Planning and Procedure Development

Software Engineering and Development

Software Architecture, Design, Implementation
Real-Time Embedded and Safety Critical Solutions
Model Driven Architecture (MDA ™) Applications with UML and AADL
Real-time Operating Systems (QNX, Linux, etc.)
Software Development in C/C++, Perl, Python, Qt

Hardware Engineering and Development

Small to Large Scale Systems: Unique Prototypes, Laboratory Simulation Equipment, Production Facility Qual Test Equipment, and Low-Rate Production Units
Multiple Levels of Efforts: Build-to-Print, Value-Added Engineering, and Complete Turn-Key System from Design through Fabrication and Testing
Design Capabilities: Circuit Level, Printed Circuit Boards, Chassis Assemblies, Multi-Bay Integrated Cabinets, and Rack Level Assemblies
Document Support: Schematics/Wiring Diagrams, Assembly/Fabrication Drawings, Parts/Wire Lists, and O&M Manuals

Robotics Engineering

Low-Level System Development: Platform Health/Status, Actuator Control/Monitor, Mobility Commands/Feedback, Steering, On-board Communication Behaviors
High-Level System Development: Navigation/Guidance, Off-board Communication, Sensors and Payload Integration Behaviors
Ground Control Station (GCS) and Operator Interface Development
System and Subsystem Behavioral Development
Unmanned System Collaboration and Experimentation

Test Engineering

Perform Test Engineering Analysis and Study
Identification and Capture of Test Goals/Objectives
Generation of Test Plans and Test Procedures
Design Engineering for Test Profiles and Scenarios
Supporting Test Verification/Validation
Conducting Test Briefings/Debriefings
Generation of Test Program Reports and Reviews
System/Subsystem Data Logging and Analysis Tools

Prototype Fabrication

Rapid Design/Fabrication Capability for System Prototypes
Custom PCB Design and Assembly
Small Chassis and Embedded Electrical Assemblies
Cable Harnesses
Ruggedized Mechanical Housings and Intercommunications