Since 1983, WINTEC has built a solid reputation for delivering innovative engineering solutions for our customers’ toughest problems. Our expertise in systems and software engineering provide these solutions for many military applications—including manned/unmanned aircraft and weapons/sensors integration and ground robotics systems.Our customers include the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, USSOCOM, and many prime Defense Contractors and commercial-aviation avionics and armament control systems.WINTEC maintains our core competencies through our strong team of subject matter experts (SMEs) in aircraft systems and avionics, stores management systems, platform-launcher- stores integration, special test equipment, emulators/simulators/translators, weapon systems technology, unmanned air and ground systems, and specialized systems engineering and test and evaluation.

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Special Test Equipment (STE)

For over 30 years WINTEC has been developing Special Test Equipment (STE) for Government, Defense, and Commercial customers. These test sets are typically used to support avionics and weapon system development, functional qualification, and environmental qualification testing.

WINTEC-developed test equipment ranges from simple passive breakout boxes and cabling to full-up system emulators and simulators. Many of these test sets are working in AILs, SILs, and prime contractor facilities across the nation.

A brief description of WINTEC STE is provided here with links to Product Data Sheets.

In-Line Fault Module

WINTEC's Core Products

The In-Line Fault Module (IFM) is a MIL-STD-1760E compatible Class I or Class II breakout and fault-injection box used at the platform-to-store interface.

The IFM allows users to monitor and insert electrical-fault conditions (i.e., open and short circuit) in-line between an aircraft platform and various MIL-STD-1760 stores, intermediate carriage devices (e.g., missile launchers; bomb racks), and store simulators under test.

Multiple Launcher Emulator

WINTEC's Core Products

The Multiple Launcher Emulator (MLE) represents one of WINTEC’s key products in our continuing evolution of Special Test Equipment (STE) supporting the aviation and weapons stores community.

The MLE is a very cost-effective solution to ease the complex challenges of aircraft-platform to weapon-stores integration and testing. Specifically, the MLE lessens the burden of integrating aircraft platforms with missile launchers and stores by emulating all pre-launch initialization signal and power requirements at the MIL-STD-1760 connector interface prior to launch.

Rather than using actual launchers and missiles at each station, the MLE’s small modular emulation units accomplish the same responses as the real launcher/missile stores—plus data monitoring, logging, and fault injection and identification tools

Multiple Store/Rack Emulator

WINTEC's Core Products

The Multiple-Store/Rack Emulator (MSRE) is a unique test set developed for emulation of a MIL-STD-1760 based weapon and supporting store/rack equipment.

A single station MSRE consists of a Store/Rack Emulator Module (SREM), an Emulator Control Station (ECS), and associated interface and power cabling. The ECS provides the operator interface for simulation setup, control/monitor, and provides for dynamic simulation fault insertion and data logging.

Up to six SREMs can be networked to a single ECS to provide for multi-station store emulation and platform testing. JDAM weapon BRU-14 rack simulation models are currently available for this emulator.

Other MIL-STD-1760 based models and weapon interfaces can be quickly developed to meet customer STE needs.

Dynamic Load Test Set

WINTEC's Core Products

The MLE Dynamic Load Test Set (DLTS) is an optional capability that, when used in conjunction with the MLE, emulates the electrical power load of a single Hellfire M299 launcher with mixed missile load-out.

Loads are dynamically applied to DC1 (28VDC), DC2 (28VDC) and 115VAC/400Hz 3-phase power interfaces at the MIL-STD-1760 launcher station of the platform under test.

Load states are controlled by the launcher/missile simulation executing in the LEM via a serial interface. Load state changes are displayed on the ECS user interface as well as captured in the data logs as time stamped events

Tactical Mission Computer

WINTEC's Core Products

WINTEC designs, builds, tests, and integrates custom ruggedized tactical mission computers often built around COTS components where appropriate. We implement a rigorous requirements phase to develop Interface Control Documents and other design controlling documents to ensure successful development of your mission computer.

WINTEC can also support the integration onto your platform(s). WINTEC can customize the interfaces to customer requirements, e.g., MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, Power/Open IO, Ground/Open IO, GPS, VGA/LVSI/DVI. Our mission computer solutions can support several x86 operating systems: RT Linux/QNX/Windows. Many of our designs are still used in operational systems flying today.

Advanced SMS Simulator

WINTEC's Core Products

The Advanced Stores Management System (SMS) Simulator (ADSSIM) is a multi-purpose weapon interface test set that can be used to simulate, monitor, and verify weapon system electrical and logical interfaces at the MIL-STD-1760 interface between the host platform and MIL-STD-1760 munition.

The ADSSIM provides the test capability to perform:

  • Store Interface Testing
  • Stores Management System Development
  • Aircraft Avionics Development
  • Aircraft Interface Checkout
  • Store Operational Flight Program (OFP) Test/Verification
  • Upgrade Verification
  • Passive In-Line Aircraft/Store Interface
  • Monitoring
  • Store Life Cycle Testing