Miniature Air-Launched Rawinsonde & Dropsonde (MALRD) Flight Test Successful

WINTEC and teammate Trey Technology successfully completed an initial flight test for launch of 5 advanced dropsondes under a SBIR Phase II contract sponsored by Edwards AFB, CA.

The Miniature Air-Launched Rawinsonde & Dropsonde (MALRD) units are deployed via any military aircraft’s ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System (CDMS) and is housed in a MJU-7 standard flare canister (gold box in photo).

The MALRD dropsondes are subjected to 1000-G impulse force at launch and then deploy a drogue & main parachute for free fall to Earth. Weather data is collected for GPS-measured winds, pressure, temperature and humidity along the descent trajectory.

Data will also be used for atmospheric characterization of environmental conditions required for flight dynamics performance analyses for advanced aircraft testing.

The Naval Postgraduate School CIRPAS aircraft launched from Monterey CA and performed tests over central CA. Final flight test will be from a F-16 aircraft with launch at 45,000 ft altitude at 0.9 Mach over the Eglin AFB Gulf Range in June. (March 2016)