AFRL High Density Carriage Technology R&D

Systima Technologies, Inc., is developing an internally mounted Mission Store (MS) ejection system and a compatible Carriage System (CS) (commonly designated a ‘Rack’) designed to carry multiple stores and perform all store and internal ejector control and monitor functions.  The primary objective is to maximize store loadouts to enhance mission effectiveness per mission sortie.

WINTEC is developing the CS electronics that will provide for CS and Store Functions, to include:

  • Identification
  • Built-In Test (BIT)
  • Station Power Management
  • Store Presence Monitoring
  • Store Conditioning
  • Store Targeting
  • Store Power Change Over (PCO)
  • Store ejector activation

Laboratory Demonstration and Pre-production Prototype

The CS electronics are being developed in two stages, Laboratory Demonstration and Pre-production Prototype.  The Laboratory Demonstration electronics will have a combination of flightworthy and laboratory components to validate the store management and release functions in a laboratory environment.  It will be communicating with two Guided Bomb Unit-Development (GBU-X) simulators with simulated internal ejectors and actual external ejectors.

The Pre-production Prototype will be a set of flightworthy CS electronics to be used in flight testing of Mission Store masses with innovative ejectors.  In both systems, the CS will be accessed and function as a Universal Armament Interface (UAI) Type 2 Carriage System.

Previous WINTEC experience with smart bomb racks included the development of the BRU-61/a Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) control interface hardware and software used on the latest AC-130 gunships.

In this role, WINTEC translated high-level command messages from the on-board battle management system to create the operational UAI message communications for the Boeing BRU-61/a carriage interface for SDB I. Also, WINTEC developed a capability to directly interface to the SDB I Miniature Munitions Store Interface (MMSI) to perform all Pre-Release functions prior to launch.

That system has been integrated by Air Force Special Operation Command (AFSOC) into operational battle management systems.