Flex Toolset – An Open Architecture Modeling Analyzer

WINTEC has developed an open system architecture modeling prototype (Flex Toolset TM ) that enables streamlined composition of complex systems models – including analytical tools for key performance metrics assessment embedded within the toolset.

Flex Toolset begins with a static UML® model defined by the user, capturing the objects and data flow between them. This enables a Flex Data Dictionary to be populated. Using the Flex Data dictionary within Flex System Builder, users may graphically create a single Platform Independent Model (PIM) that defines their system and begins an iterative process for systems architecture development and internal communications trade studies.

The PIM represents the open architecture system model that is agnostic to implementation of middleware, physical bus, and platform technologies. Furthermore, future updates of these tools will support mixed or hybrid middleware configurations which can be analyzed for these implementation technologies.

The PIM created by FlexSystemBuilder along with the Data Dictionary are used by Flex System Builder to perform automated code generation for the target language (currently C++; future updates can include other languages)/operating system hosted on alternative middleware- and platform-specific implementations.

The Flex Deployment Tool allows the compiled modules to be distributed to target platforms and executed using the selected middleware.

Based upon simulated runs with alternative technologies and configurations, the Timing and Analysis Tool measures system performance for metrics such as data latency and jitter. Flex Toolset is used to support architecture timing/physical bus trade studies for open architecture system performance trade studies.

A release version will be available in 2017.

Flex Toolset TM was developed under AFRL SBIR contract with application to the GBU-X/AGM- X Open Architecture/Common Interface effort.