Fiber-Optics Networking Technology – Advanced Payload Integration

WINTEC was awarded the Phase I SBIR contract for “Fiber Optic Networking Technology for Advanced Payload Integration on F-35 and Other Platforms” in June 2016.

This SBIR I investigated fiber-optic networking and interface technologies and approaches potentially applicable to enhanced payload (store) integration on future 5th generation aircraft such as the F-35.

In September 2017, WINTEC was awarded a follow-on Phase II SBIR contract to develop a fiber-optic networking capability that will significantly improve the operational capabilities of F-35 and 6th generation aircraft through greatly enhanced and more flexible payload integration capabilities.

As part of this effort, WINTEC is building a prototype laboratory system to demonstrate transitioning multiple MIL-STD-1760 existing interfaces, along with newly added high-speed channels, onto a single pair of fiber optic contacts in the 1760 connector.

Advanced technologies include expanded-beam contact optical technology, and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) enabling 32 channels of diverse digital and analog signal types over one single-mode fiber-optic cable media.

This application is ultimately targeted for use within the F-35 weapon bay.