Armament Control System for the IOMAX Archangel Aircraft

WINTEC  provided the Armament Control System (ACS) for the IOMAX Archangel Aircraft.

The ACS A-kit comprised the Tactical Systems Computer (TSC), the Armament Interface Unit, and various armament control panels in the aircraft cockpits.

The TSC accomplishes myriad mission functions to include the stores management system and other weapons employment services – as well as interfacing with other flight management, navigation, air data, autopilot and aircraft sensor avionics.

Archangel implemented a nonconventional weapons data bus architecture that services a number of aircraft weapon stations.

WINTEC also supplied B-kits that translate weapons data bus information/power to MIL-STD- 1760/1553 interface standards for laser-guided missiles, rockets, and advanced laser-guided bombs weapons employment.